Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day, Merrills :)

As always, I will keep my political views to myself, but in honour of election day......
My Grandpa Wendell...The dentist and the Democrat...
I never knew my Grandpa Wendell (my Dad's father) he died a few years before I was born. But politics were everything to him and from all accounts he was quite the character about it....He served in the medical corps in WWI, His dental office was above the Zion's National Bank in downtown Logan. He was quite the oddity as a die-hard Democrat in Utah. He ran for mayor of Logan and for the State Legislature....but I know very little else about his dental/political career.
I found this card in my Dad's things (I'm guessing it's from the 1950"s)....
And from a google search,  a quote from him after an earthquake hit Logan.... 
From the Logan Herald Journal August 30, 1962.....
"Despite some damage in the Hotel, the Democratic headquarters (in a second-floor hotel room) remain unscathed and intact," Dr. W. W. Merrill informed us, with some humor and considerable satisfaction.(Dr. Merrill, as many citizens know, is one of the County's Demo party bellweathers.)
Thoughts And Things
By Ray Nelson
Miscellaneous observations during and after the earthquake,

which visited Cache Valley at 6:36 a.m., August 30, 1962 A.D.--}

I didn't know him but that's defiantly the Merrill humour shining through.:)

Might explain why my Dad was so politically minded and also a die hard democrat....I guess it was in his genes.... My mother was a stanch republican, which might explain why things couldn't work for them in this life time ;) Let's just say politics were a touchy subject growing up....but Politics and Country were always important...

He loved this shirt , especially when wearing it with pride in predominately red States :)

Regardless of who wins today....I can just imagine the discussion in heaven tomorrow with all those Merrills.....Happy Election Day, Dad!


  1. Oh, Robin, I love this--how fun to see Grandpa! You'd have loved him and he'd have adored you and Kelli. Yes, the Merrills do have interesting views--my folks are happy Republicans who raised three Democrats. I figure Grandpa skipped a generation.

  2. Grandma Beena was actually really political as well but she was a republican. So they would always cancel each other out. Lol. All the brothers were into politics. Grandpa Wendell ran as what would now be a truancy officer he was also on the board of trustees for USU but back then it was called Utah State Agricultural college.

  3. One of my Mom's parents was a democrat and the other a die-hard republican. Politics were almost a taboo subject in their house- though everyone knew where everyone else stood.