Monday, November 5, 2012

Nativity Puppets (Avoiding LOTR)

 With the Primary Presentation over its time to focus on CHRISTMAS MUSIC...I love Christmas music and teaching it to kids makes it even better. I picked my 3 favourites to start with....

The Nativity Song
Stars Were Gleaming
When Joseph Went To Bethlehem

I thought hand puppets would be a great way to teach/remember all the verses to the Nativity Song....
I couldn't find a pattern so I just made them up as I went...(Plus the rest of the fam damily was watching Lord of the Rings, last night, so I had to find something to do)

I think they turned out pretty cute, but my husband and children apparently don't appreciate my efforts as they did a great Monty Python skit with the 3 wise men (eye roll)....(I reminded Superman that crafting is way cheaper than therapy ;) )

Let's hope the primary kids aren't so cheeky....


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