Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome Home, My Friend

James came home !!!! It's been a long journey, but he did it! True triumph.
We have learned so much from James and his family over the last ten months....
The power of a family's love.
The patience of a loving mother.
The influence of the Holy Ghost to comfort and sustain.
The strength of the human spirit.
The miracles of modern medicine.
The power of fasting and prayer.
The joy of celebrating even the smallest of victories.
The learning and victories continue, but now at home, together....It's been a humbling privilege to witness this journey and we knew that James' homecoming was one to celebrate....
  So we did it in the only way us crazy Mormons now how to partay....ICE CREAM!!!  and Chocolate Cake!
Thank you to everyone who came out and partied on.
And most of all...


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