Friday, November 9, 2012

Out Numbered!

My husband just left me. For the weekend. He's headed somewhere in Alberta to pick up bison with his (our) farmer friend. Well at least that's the story they've told the wives. ;).....It's been a long time since he's been able to do something like this and I'm glad to see him go (it's only 3 days) plus it means....

I don't have to (think about) cook(ing).

Kids? What kids??...There is this unspoken, deeply understood rule: You don't bug me, I don't bug (ask you to clean) you

Pajama pants and hoodies are perfectly fine to grocery shop in (it's Wal-Mart, Superman's coworkers wouldn't rat me out would they?)

All the pillows I want, no snoring and  no misunderstanding over my inability to share a comforter :)

I can watch all the Dance Moms and Honey Boo Boo I want without a lecture on the trash on tv , from the guy who watches(maybe) walking dead and family guy :)

I do have one little goal: I will not YELL at my kids the ENTIRE time super's gone.... my kids have little faith, they've already placed bets on how long I last....I'm good 'til like 5 today...But I'm betting on duct tape and ear plugs after that :) (them or me, doesn't matter )

Should be an awesome weekend, I'll keep ya'll posted :)


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