Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

Today our family remembers....
Grandpa Wendell
Grandpa Merrill served in World War One in the Medical Corps.
Uncle Bill (Dad's oldest brother)
 Uncle Bill served in World War Two, in the Air Corps
As a bombardier he flew missions over China
Uncle Pete (Dad's 2nd Brother)
 Uncle Pete was a Marine in World War Two, serving in the South Pacific and China
Dad and Uncle Bob.
All five of the Merrill Brothers would eventually serve their country...Something that had been instilled in them since childhood.
Christmas 1942 Logan  (L-R Bob, John, Pete, Les, Bill)
I am honoured and humbled by my Merrill legacy.
From my Grandma Beena's journal.....

“My five sons were all in the service of our country. Bill in the Air Force and flew many missions over China. Peter was in the Marines and served in the South Pacific. John in the Army and served in the far north, Hudson’s Bay. Les served in Germany, Bob served for three years, also in Germany. They were all spared and returned home safely another reason for my gratitude.”
Today I too add my gratitude for all those who serve and have served their countries...
We will remember.


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