Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hang around me long enough and you will discover that I am spelling disabled. I have struggled in English classes my whole life, never made it pass the first round in a spelling bee and barely scraped by English 30 with a 59%. Needless to say, I can't spell anything to save my life and without spell check I am completely lost.

So when Alex announced that she had entered the school Spelling Bee I was slightly surprised but grateful I had not passed on my spelling bee phobia to her.
She studied off and on for the last week or so and wasn't worried when she left for school yesterday morning...I wished her luck and apologized for not being able to go watch her that afternoon (I know bad mommy). I had a busy day and honestly forgotten about the bee, when Alex came in the door after school.

Alex:"I came in 6th Mom!"

Me: "In what?"

Alex:"The. Spelling. Bee.!?"

Me: "Wow, that's great!", "Out of how many?"

Alex: "Seventy-Seven"

Me: "That's fantastic!"

Then the mommy guilt hit and I felt bad I hadn't made it there to see her.Sorry Alex :( Thank heavens Alex has not held it against me.

The last word she spelled correctly was ABRACADABRA and yes I had to look up how to spell it. Way to go my little spelling phenom. (I just corrected six spelling mistakes in this blog post alone.)

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