Monday, January 31, 2011

Bailey's Masterpiece

As part of Bailey's visual art class this last semester she had the opportunity to do an individual project....She chose cubism as her form and wanted to paint The First Vision (a sacred event in our LDS Church history). I was a little hesitant about the religious nature of her painting in a public school forum but, very impressed that her art teacher was very open to the idea and supportive in her desire to express her beliefs in this art form..... Thank you. Bailey spent the last four months working on this project several hours a week and because of its size (5' x 31/2') Bailey had to paint out in the hallway and it became affectionately known as the "Jesus Painting" :)
Beautiful job Bailey. You put my stick people to shame. You have definitely inherited your Grandma Lynette and Uncle Nolan's artistic talent. You have never been shy or unsure of who you are and what you believe, your quiet confidence amazes me often. You have one proud momma and papa.

Artist's rendition of the First Vision (
featuring Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and the Prophet Joseph Smith.


  1. Great job Bailey!

    Robin, I've always been impressed by how well you do stick people :)

  2. That is amazing!! I remember her being very good at chalk drawings too;)