Monday, January 3, 2011


Like I've said before....I HATE throwing my kids birthday parties and if that makes me a terrible mother and a birthday Grinch, I can live with that... So when Holly's BFF Milena offered to throw a surprise party, at her house for Holly's 17th I secretly jumped for JOY. Thanks Milena for bailing me out of my dreaded parental obligation.
The fact that Holly still has not forgiven us for abandoning her on her 16th birthday(we handed her her new cell phone and took of to Ucluelet for the weekend) made it all that much more fun to act like nothing was planned this year :) We have discovered however that keeping a secret in the Kramer household is darn near impossible. We had to threaten to return any and all Christmas presents if anyone dare spill the beans.(I even showed them my stack of saved receipts) The threat worked and Holly didn't have a clue.
Milena did an awesome job of everything, all I had to do was supply the dollar store decor. If you ask me this was the perfect way to throw a party.

Holly had a fantastic night and thanks Laura (Milena's mom) for providing the parental supervision and your beautiful home to all of Holly's hooligans.

Wow, Sisterly love. This is a rare shot. Most days they have a hard time sharing their rooms, the bathrooms, the hair straightener, the same air space.....OK you get the point. Even if they are just pretending for the cake, I'll take it :)

Oh Holly you are so mature now. So maybe you can forgive us for last year??? You know, forgive and forget :)


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