Monday, January 17, 2011

Beach Walk/Robin Ate Sushi :)

Today Grant had a day off, the rug rats were all in school and we had nothing to do....That hasn't happened in forever. :) So we took Tater down to Kye Bay for a walk one the beach.
The Cormorant helicopter from 19 Wing Comox was out on a training run. It was pretty cool to watch.

That's Powell River in the background (mainland BC)

There was quite the land slide part way down the beach, high tide made it impossible to get around so we had to cut our walk short....I was just happy to have had an afternoon with my sweetheart :)

Tonight our family was invited to share a traditional Korean meal with the Cho-Moon family in their home. I am always humbled when someone invites our family over to a meal, its no small feat to feed all of us (like inviting a basketball team over) and is definitely a sacrifice. June & Sugin made Sushi, a potato noodle dish, Korean pancakes, soup and a salad. It was all EXCELLENT!!!! I even ate sushi (it had ham instead of fish, but it still counts) and I liked it, I really liked it. We had a wonderful visit and are very grateful for the many wonderful friends we have here.

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  1. Robin and sushi.......hmmmm.......still can't believe it :).