Friday, January 14, 2011

The Parentals

There are so few pictures of my parents together and smiling, the result of their choices not mine. So I was really surprised when I came across this one after my Mom's passing, I didn't ever remember seeing it before. Growing up I always thought my parents were the biggest NERDS ever and super OLD. As a parent of teenagers, I now understand that my feelings had nothing to do with my parents and everything to do with the flawed logic of all teen aged kind.My Mom & Dad Anaheim, California - late 1960's
Along with this picture we also found a box of love letters between my Mom & Dad. It was surreal and heart warming to get a glimpse into the ideal life (at least for a time) that my parents had lived before Kelli & I came along. My parents left Utah in 1963, just weeks after getting married on a whim in Las Vegas, chasing the California dream. And by many standards they had achieved it. Both were high school teachers, dad drove a VW Bug and mom a '64 Burgundy Mustang. They bought a small house and played gigs most weekends. From their letters we learned that they were happy and very much in love.

My parents weren't nerds at all, they were down right GROOVY!! I hope someday that my rug rats will realize how SWEET, RAD & TOTALLY AWESOME Grant & I are :)

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