Thursday, January 13, 2011

You're the Parent of Teenagers When.....

You know you're a parent of teenagers when....

1. You own seven handsets and you still can never find a phone....

2. You go through 2 gallons of milk in 12 hours, yes 12 hours, making you contemplate buying a cow

3. You don't even bother to investigate why there is chocolate cake batter on the ceiling in the living room, no one will admit to it any way

4.You do no less than 25 loads of laundry a week and the funny noise the washer is now making causes you to include the appliance in your prayers

5. You no longer own your own clothes (or anything for that matter) because the teenage philosophy is "what's mine is mine and what's yours is now mine"

6. You seriously think about wrapping your new car in pool noodles and duct tape, in hopes that you can keep your insurance rate from spiking.

7. You have said "Would you like a snorkel with that?" at the dinner table, as you are continually amazed at the volume of food you go through. 22 quesadillas, 18 sloppy joes, 3 gallons of beef barley soup...but who's really counting this week

8. You have come to accept the fact that you will never text as fast as your offspring and they will talk to you like you're the village idiot anytime they are explaining something technical.

9. You yell at them to get off their facebook page because, they have spent too much time on you can go on yours :)

10. You would seriously pay a million dollars to the first finder of the parenting owner's manual you are sure they came with, but have been searching for since each of them was about 9 hours old.

Today I felt like I had entered the parenting twilight zone before my darling rug rats had even left for school, I knew I should of locked myself in my room when I had the chance :). Just hoping tomorrow's a better day :)

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