Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have OCHCD- Obsessive Compulsive House Cleaning Disorder :)

Last night we hosted the Bishop's Youth Fireside at Casa de Kramer and it was awesome.......

But when Grant announced the fireside last week and its location, our abode. I cringed. I have this OCD thing with my home needing to be spotless to have anybody over and everyone in my home seriously MOCKS my anxiety. My kids say stuff like "Teenagers don't care if the hand towels in the bathroom match." or "Mom no one is going to look under the couch cushions." or "No one will go in the laundry room, so why clean it."

I know that my anxieties are down right ridiculous. My kids are right teenagers don't care (Not one of them complimented me on my matching hand towels, go figure?) All of the adults that came over are dear friends, have large families, wouldn't care how messy my house is, and know that my clean house is a total fake out. They all know, if you want to see how the Kramer's really live....come over unannounced:)

What I loved last night was the Spirit a bunch of squirly teenagers brought into our home as our Bishop presented the theme "We Believe" for the 2011 mutual year.

[To watch the videos first pause the music player at the bottom of the page, otherwise the double audio is annoying]

Theme Song for 2011

Korean Youth /Standing Together/13 th Article of Faith

MY FAVOURITE : Seeking What's Good Song

I will clean my house any day for these opportunities. We have a great ward family. Have an awesome, but humble Bishop and amazing youth. It is an honour to share our home with all them, cleaning anxiety and all :)


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