Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Anybody who knows the Kramer kids well, knows that my Holly & my Madison are like oil and water. Put them in the same room without adult supervision and without fail an argument usually ensues. Their relationship reminds me of how my sister and I were in high school, so I don't worry too much because Kelli & I turned out to be great friends, once we became adults. So I figure Madison & Holly will do the same.

Today however I failed to notice that H & M were sitting next to one another in Sacrament Meeting (rookie mistake) until they were harassing each other. I made them switch spots as I muttered "will you two ever get along" as I gave Grant, on the stand, the "look what I have to put up with" glare and prayed for the patience to survive the next hour....Half way through the meeting Madison handed me her picture and said "This is the only place we ever got along, Mom" Madison thanks for giving me a good laugh on a high council Sunday :)

This is what happens with Dallyn and his friends when all of the adult supervision is in ward choir practice.....

Dallyn, Riley & Jake (thanks for the picture Ashawna)
They build snowmen, on the Church lawn..."But mom they're Sunday Snowmen, they have ties on" Yes, yes they do :) Good job boys!


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