Saturday, January 15, 2011

Never Ask Mom Anything.....

All of my kids have learned, usually the hard way, if you ask me a question I will give a straight answer. Especially if that information will embarrass you :). Bailey was my last victim, last year when she innocently asked "what's Viagra??" after seeing the commercial :) he he he.....

Last night Dallyn was in the hot seat.....after watching a public service announcement, with all of his sisters and a friend of theirs in the room :)

Dallyn: "Mom what's prostate cancer?"

Me: "The kind of cancer Grandpa has."

Dallyn: "What's the prostate??"

Me: "The male organ the produces semen.

Dallyn: "What's semen??", every one in the room laughs hysterically

Me: "This is something we can talk about in private"

Dallyn: "Oh no!, this is one of those things we learn about in one of those Grade 6 special classes, just for boys!"

He sighs, shakes his head and leave the room...while the snickering continues. Man I love that boy!!!


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