Saturday, January 1, 2011

Polar Bear Swim.....BRRRRR

We live in a really fun, all be it, slightly crazy ward. So, no one even batted an eye when the Bishop suggested a Polar Bear swim for New Year's Day.
Airforce Beach-19 Wing Comox We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day. But don't let the sunshine fool you, it was cold. 1C /34 F and there is frost on those logs.
Grant, me, and the kids, except our chicken Bailey, were game.

Lined up waiting for the insanity to begin...I was the only woman over 18 stupid, I mean brave enough to enter the water.

Yes it was sooo COLD, my feet were instantly numb and I only made it up to my knees before a moment of sanity hit and I headed for dry ground. Grant, Madison & Dallyn went all the way in.

I don't care that I didn't get my head wet, The Polar Bear Swim is now crossed off my bucket list.

Thank heavens for the campfire and the endless supply of Hot Chocolate and Turkey Vegetable soup to warm us up. I'm hoping by morning to feel my feet again. It was all worth it. I was in the Pacific Ocean today with some of my favourite people in the world and it was SSSO MMMUCH FFFUN!!!!

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  1. Why was polar bear swim even on your list in the first place?? I don't know if living on the island is good for you. :)