Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dallyn, Pyjamas? Seriously.

Dallyn came home from school today wearing WASN'T pyjama day.

 Why on earth are you wearing pyjamas Dallyn??

I wore them under my snow gear. (Dallyn was cross country skiing with all the Grade 5's today)

What? WHY??

So it has yet to be determined whether Dallyn chose to wear pyjamas or forgot to put on REAL pants....

Oh no another parent of the year moment...I wonder what his teachers thought. What kind of mother would let their child wear pyjamas to school. Let is the operative word. I did see him before he left, all decked out in his snow gear, made sure he had mitts and a toque. But never thought to check what was underneath.....

None of us could contain our laughter by this point...Sure, we were laughing with you Dallyn ;)

Let's hope Dallyn won't do this again...At least next week I'll know to check undernearth.


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