Friday, March 11, 2011

Pitty...Table for One.

Okay here is my confession...

I'm a whiner...a big one at times.

Sometimes my kids really annoy me. Sometimes I expect people to be perfect when I am far from it myself. Sometimes I'm a "crisis counter" instead of tallying the greater blessings. Sometimes I have my very own party...Pitty....Table for one. Often I need a big old kick in the hiny.

This last week I have had a few instant reality checks, you know the kind, when you hear of someone else's heartache or sorrow or turmoil and you realize instantly that your "problems" are really no big deal...

This quote came to mind...
"When, for the moment, we ourselves are not being stretched on a particular cross, we ought to be at the foot of someone else’s—full of empathy and proffering spiritual refreshment." (Neal A. Maxwell, "Endure It Well", April General Conference, 1990)

In other words we (Robin you) should never be so caught up in our own troubles that we are unable to reach out to or notice someone's heartache.

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