Friday, March 25, 2011

Positively Sick

Some viral-ly flu thing has hit our house with a vengeance. We got back from Powell River Wednesday night and by Thursday morning I had four super sickies. Fevers, Coughs, Lost voices and one master puker. DR says its a really nasty virus going around.

It looks like a slumber party gone a rye around here. Every couch has a passed out rug rat on it and they have gone through their body weight in Ginger Ale and Gatorade.

You know your rug rat is sick when....
You tell them to go to bed , and they do.
You offer pizza and they ask for Chicken Noodle
While picking Gatorade flavours you are trying to decide which one will be least likely to stain the carpet.
An Ice Cream Bucket has become a fashion statement
You have said "Who puking now?!" more than once in a twenty four hour period.

You have to ask whether its Dallyn or the dog barking??

The positives....

When nobody feels like eating....My kitchen is spotless

With two out of five who can only whisper....Screaming and yelling is almost non existent.

This too shall pass...I hope, quickly.

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