Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a ??? Day!

Last night we ended up with a surprise snowfall (it had been snowing less than an hour when we took this shot) Tuesday 10pm 14 hours later it looked like this.....
Wed 2pm
School was cancelled this morning...because there were 8 or more inches of snow with standing water on top of it, side streets had not been plowed and the winds were 70 km/hr gusting to 100 km/hr and forecasted to get much stronger. The were expecting massive power outages.
None of which happened, by noon the streets were clear and the wind had died down considerably. By 3pm the sun was shinning.
I will gladly be sending the kids back to school tomorrow :) Entertaining them on an unexpected day off is annoying. By this time last year I was mowing my lawn, had put away all the winter clothing and was planting my flower pots. We live on Vancouver Island 'cause we are snow phobic...What's up spring??


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