Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ears Lowered

Friday morning my Superman went in to get his hair cut. We always go to the "no appointment necessary" places because we are too unorganized to schedule anything.

I ran to the dollar store next door to kill time.... When it was taking longer than usually I went back to see what was up...

I instantly realized the problem, Grant got the hairdresser that talks with his hands. As I watched I couldn't even kind of keep a straight face. Each time the guy had something to say to Grant he stopped trimming and was waving the scissors and comb around like he was warding off an attack.

When Grant finally stood up I just lost it... Hand talker guy had cut Grant's hair way too short on top, Grant looked just like a hedgehog, seriously. He quickly paid and left. While I was doing a terrible trying to contain my snickering.
We got in the car and drove across the parking lot to Winner's, Grant ran in side and bought the first hat he could find....

So the cheap hair cut was now expensive....Don't worry honey you won't look like Mr. Hedgehog and I promise to stop laughing eventually :)


  1. Nice Hat! I can tell you love him Robin as you did not post any pictures!!