Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now That's A HIKE :)

Several weeks ago the Powell River Branch invited the youth from our area for an all day hike during Spring Break. I was excited for my girls to be able to go and see a part of the country they had never seen before. Things worked out and I was able to go with the girls at the last minute.... Thirty eight youth and leaders made the 7:15pm ferry for the hour and fifteen minute ride over to Powell River....A school bus picked us all up for the quick ride up the hill to the Powell River cream and then back on to the bus. Boys went to one house girls to another. We all settled in for a cozy but surprisingly comfortable albeit short night :)

The Chapel
{The Powell River Branch has about 45 attend on any given Sunday,to host 38 was quite the undertaking They were wonderful, gracious hosts}

Our Yellow Limo

We were back on the bus at 7:15 am and back to the chapel for a hot pancake breakfast and devotional....

Breakfast in the Basement

Back on the bus for a half hour drive out to Saltery Bay. Our hikes starting point.....

North Island, Powell River and Qualicum Branches and Courtenay and Campbell River Wards YM &YW

The HIKE begins!!! Its probably a good thing none of us knew what we were in for. The fact that the first part of the hike was called the escalator should have given us a clue...

The scenery was beautiful and peaceful. Only the sound of the Texada Island Ferry and the occasional sea plane broke the silence. Sunshine and a warm spring day made for perfect hiking weather.
Our kids did great. I realized pretty quickly that I was well beyond my hiking comfort zone. Its not that I can't do it it just takes me considerably longer than most. My feet have a total lack of muscle tone. Its like walking on loose sand even when on flat solid ground. Add the quick elevation changes, slippery moss covered rocks and gravity and I turn into the equivalent of a drunk toddler :)...
By the time I realized I was in trouble it was too late to turn back. I was humbled by those who were so willing to help me. I was so determined to do as much as could and not give up. Someone was never more than a foot or two away with a hand, determined to make sure I didn't fall. After three hours and a call a head on the trail to Holly (gotta love technology). Holy confirmed that the trail was still hazardous for me. I had done all I could, fearing I would not be able to get back to the bus in time to make the ferry. Michelle and I turned around to head back, soon joined by others. One step at a time I made it. Only a hundred more steps to the top of this ridge, you'll make it....Look how far you've come....

I was the recipient of selfless service that day...No one judge me or made me feel lesser for struggling to meet my goal. They just helped, encouraged and saw me to the end. I guess we all need that sometimes.

Me & My Girls

It's always a privilege to spend time with my girls, our youth and my dear friends.
Waiting to get back on the Ferry
We made it back to the ferry in time. By then I realized that I was definitely going to "feel it" the next day. I never hit the ground that day and only had two slips...

Battle Scars....
Me + Gravity + Rock = don't get along. A blistered toe and a bruised shin. Just proof I really did it.

What a great day and yes I do feel it, but for some reason I'm okay with it :)


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