Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Much Public Schoolin'

Our Dallyn, sweet, innocent Dallyn I've said before... I think stand up comedian is in that boy's future.

We drove a bunch of kids home from the Bishops Youth Fireside tonight. In the process of making the rounds we picked Dallyn up from his friends house. From the moment that kid got in the "loser cruiser" he never shut his trap.

Some where in the middle of his droning, Dallyn asked some question regarding human sexuality(leave it to a Kramer kid) I'm sure it was more for effect than information....One of his sister's said "How do you even know what that is?" Dallyn, not missing a beat said...

I go to public school, I know more than you think....

Less than a minute later, as we are passing a cop car with some one pulled over, Dallyn pipes up....
"Its the po po!!! Everyone act natural!
The entire van erupts in hysterics....pretty sure Dallyn achieved his desired effect.
As we dropped off Bryan, the last kid on our route. Bryan says as he's shutting the door....
"Thanks for the ride, I guess what happens in the "loser cruiser", stays in the "loser cruiser";)
Public school?? Too much t.v.?? Who knows?? But I have never been in the running for parent of the year, now have I?


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