Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake

Ours didn't look quite this pretty...but tasted just as good :)
The other night my superman had a hankering for Black Forest Cake....only thing is he could find one and I don't make cake. So he decided to have the kids try to make one. He came home with the cake mix, cherry pie filling, whipping cream....

Holly found this site and they went to work(good thing your kids love, eh Grant)....

The best part was how simple the frosting was:

1- 500ml carton of whip cream

1-vanilla pudding mix

1/4 cup icing sugar

whip together, took all of 30 seconds and was super easy to spread and tasted yummy....I'm sure it would be great on any cake.

In less than an hour and a half Grant had his cake and was kind enough to share with all of us. And yes, I picked all my cherries out first:) I love simple, straight forward recipes.

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