Saturday, March 19, 2011

It Never Fails...

We sat at the clinic today for no less than 3, yes 3 hours today....My Superman's "Man Cold" has driven us all crazy and he was still complaining of kidney pain, so I made him go in. Why must men act like they're four? I knew instantly we were in for a LONG wait. Oh Joy!

It never fails...Why do the worst behaved children always show up at the same time we do??? You know the kind... the mom thinks their offspring's antics are cute and entertaining....everybody else thinks the annoying and obnoxious....I would like to thank "Cale" for reaffirming my decision to quit procreating. :)

By the time Grant was seen I was ready for a psychiatrist not just a physician....I guess Grant has more going on than just a Man Cold...Looks like it might be kidney trouble again :( More tests on Monday...lets hope its an easy, quick, remedy.

Note to self : never google medical symptoms....out of 50 possibilities I always assume the worst case scenario...a trait I inherited from my mother :)


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