Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FREE Service is Over-rated :)

We live in a really fun Ward, nobody around here takes themselves too seriously and here's proof....

I sent off an email to our Young Men's President this morning....taking the YM up on their offer to help out at our RS Birthday Dinner...

Hi Bro. S,
I was hoping to take you & a few YM up on your offer to help with serving and clean up at the Rs Birthday Dinner.
We need you there Wednesday March 16 @ 5:30 pm until 8 pm or so...Let me know if this will work for you guys.

Thanks so much
Robin :)

He is Bro. S reply....

This will not be a problem at all, would love to help. Just what to let you know that giving service for free is way over rated , so the YM and myself are going to change that policy. We will be charging $10/hr per person ( this is a very cheap rate,so count yourself lucky ) We will have 3 YM their and myself , so the approx bill will be as following
4 workers @10/hr approx 3.5 hrs------ $140
traveling time Min. 1hr--------------------- $ 50
supper suppled------------------------------------ n/c
Total $190
Hst $16.8
Amount owning $206.8

To be payed in cash only and to be payed by March 14 . Please note that it must be payed by 12 noon on the date indicated ,or find an other origination that you can suck in to clean-up .
PS. If you keep us past 8:00 Our over rate will kick in at $25/hr per person at a min charge of 1hr.
You are a very lucky RS to have the YM in the same ward because if we were not in the same ward or in the same church,our hrly rate would be 25/hr per person. You have saved $160 for this event alone .
PSS: please watch the dead line to pay (March 14 , I would hate to see the RS to miss out on that big saving )
YM for money

I am still laughing...... and looking for Canadian Tire money, anybody want to donate ;)

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  1. Love it! Always love serving with people who have a sense of humor.