Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Make Cake :)

One of our Sister missionaries lent Madison her flashing Happy Birthday pin sweet. So this afternoon I set about making Maddie a Birthday Cake...Mother of the year redemption:)

It was several years into married life that I discovered you can actually make cake from scratch and not from a box....but by then I was set in my boxes it is and because I didn't have two of the same flavours I settled on marble.

We all know its the frosting that makes the cake is the best recipe I have found so far....

I added a little orange zest and juice (yes how Martha of me) yummmm.

Okay so they cracked...I was in a hurry and took them out of the pan will still hot, nothing a little frosting can't fix.

Done...cut letters out of cardboard freehand and hot glued them to tooth picks....Madison thought it was cute so that's all that matters. Tonight is mutual and Grant works late so we won't sing Happy Birthday to Mad Dog until 9:30 pm....Nothing like cake right before bed :)

While I was finishing the Cake.... 3 fire trucks went racing up the street.....

I ran up the street to make sure it wasn't our ward member's wasn't, just across the street though. My heart always sinks when I see this. Scary for any one.

Looked like a chimney fire. Hopefully there wasn't too much damage.

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  1. How very Martha of you Robin-but very cute. Hope you had a great birthday Madison!