Monday, March 21, 2011

A Return To The Darkside....

People probably think we're crazy (ok who am I kidding we're totally are crazy, and everybody knows it) but Grant was asked to go back to graveyards shifts and he actually jumped at the opportunity. In his seven years with Wal-Mart he has spent more than four on nights. The perks far out weigh the cons for us right now, so it made the decision easy. Weekends off, evenings home and a wage increase.

Believe it or not I am not Wonder Woman (I know , shocking!)and having a bunch of teenagers at times makes my head spin.... The absolute worst time of Day in Casa De Kramer is between the hours of 4-7 pm, if the wheels are going to fall off it is then. Having Dad (the level headed parent) home then, should tremendously increase the odds of any peace treaty being successful :)

So I fully support my Superman's decision to return to the DARKSIDE :)


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