Thursday, March 3, 2011

Six Week Shelf Life

My Superman and I are going on 18 years of marriage, but try as we might there are a few things that just don't survive in the Kramer house.... GOLDFISH....Apparently feeding fish on a "regular" basis is required to sustain life. Ours are usually floating within weeks.(please don't call the SPCA) The only reason Tater survives is that he bangs his paws on his metal bowls until somebody feds and waters him.

HOUSEPLANTS....No mater how pretty they are when they enter our door. The are doomed,I am know as the plant slayer. Its the water thing again ;)
WATER GLASSES....well anything glass really...we have a tenancy to break things. Now when I shop for anything I am always thinking... "How long will it take the rug rats to dismantle or destroy this??? It keeps me from getting to attached to too much stuff :)
So please if you are ever thinking of gifts to bestow on the Kramer clan....goldfish, glass or green things should not be included, Just a heads up :)


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