Thursday, March 24, 2011


As Grant picked us up off the Powell River Ferry yesterday, he leaned over and whispered... "The Doctors office called...they want to see me right away...they said it was marked urgent. They have to see me tonight." My heart sank.

We dropped everyone off, ran home so I could change out of my sweaty, muddy clothes and ran over to the clinic. For the first time ever there was no one waiting so we went right in to a room. My heart was racing as every possibility went through my brain. The doctor was in the room in less than three minutes.

We had never seen Dr S before. He looked at Grant's chart, then acknowledge that we must be quite worried by being called in like that. He asked for a minute to review the chart, after a few hums and ahs he said."Oh, Its just a bladder infection"

Instant relief. A bladder infection we can deal with. I instantly saw the colour return to my Superman's face and for the first time realized just how worried he was.

An instant reality check. For that half hour nothing else in the world mattered beyond my Superman. All our trivial troubles had vanished, I hadn't even notices my aching bleeding toes from that day's hike from H-E double hockey sticks. Sad that it takes a slight scare for me to be reminded of what truly matters in life. So Glad you're going to be ok honey :)


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