Friday, March 18, 2011

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Grant and I were married right out of high school and neither one of us had much experience with domestic life. There were so many things we had never realized before....stuff like...the oven doesn't clean its self....a menu of KD, Hamburger Helper and Pancakes gets old, fast and the fact that toilet paper doesn't come with the house.

Ever since realizing we had to buy our own toilet paper, the great TP debate has raged in Casa de Kramer.....




I am of the philosophy of "the cheaper the better " you would be to if you went through the amount of TP we do. Grant on the other hand wants the creme de la creme TP, I think he'd order it from France if he could ;)....

This discrepancy has caused some pretty heated discussions in the paper products aisle, at our local Wally World. (Have you ever contemplated running over your spouse with a shopping cart?, I know bad wife) I usually win out and load the cart with the cheap stuff. But Grant does have a secret stash in our bathroom. That nobody dares touch. He always brings home a pack of the kooshie stuff when he's fears he might run out. I'm pretty sure the TP debate will rage on 'til the end of time or at least 'til the rug rats move out :)


  1. I'm on team Grant for this one. There are some items which you shouldn't buy cheap, and this is one of them. Don't you love yourself enough to get the good stuff??

  2. I generally agree with Grant, however I have to admit the Great Value take on Charmin is pretty close. We have switched to the Great Value stuff. Better yet buy Grant his own special roll and make him hide it.

  3. What? I'm not on either of your teams!! Charmin plugs the toilet and if you go with thin and cheap, you've got to use more just to keep your hands clean! How about team Michelle? A nice average two-ply that's on sale! :-)